Mount Pleasant Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mount Pleasant Criminal Lawyer

IIf you have been arrested in Mount Pleasant, contact a Mount Pleasant criminal lawyer immediately to ensure your rights are protected throughout the criminal process. Following an arrest, you are likely feeling stress and have numerous questions, that is completely understandable. Arrests are frightening, but the criminal process will give you the ability to present your side of the story. Call Mount Pleasant criminal lawyer John W. Molony now and schedule a free and confidential consultation to review your case. Mr. Molony will assess the charges against you and discuss potential issues relating to the arrest, Miranda and search and seizure. In South Carolina penalties for criminal convictions vary widely depending on the crime charged and specific circumstances of the case. Remember, being charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty and it does not mean you will be convicted.

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Call criminal lawyer John W. Molony now and request a free consultation to discuss your charges and your legal options. When you retain criminal defense attorney John W. Molony, you can expect to have a lawyer who will fight for you, listen to you, answer your phone calls and devote the time that your case requires. John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC is conveniently located in Charleston and defends Mount Pleasant clients facing criminal charges, including the following:


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