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If you have been arrested for DUI in Charleston, contact a Charleston DUI lawyer in Charleston now to make certain your rights are protected throughout the criminal process. It is illegal to drive a vehicle in South Carolina after drinking alcohol or taking medication, if the alcohol or medication materially and appreciably impairs your ability to drive. Call Charleston DUI lawyer John W. Molony now and schedule a free and confidential consultation to review your case. Mr. Molony will assess your DUI charges and discuss potential issues relating to the arrest, traffic stop, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer or refusal of the breath test. Remember, being arrested for DUI does not mean you are guilty, and it does not mean you will be convicted.

Why Hire A Charleston DUI Lawyer?

Following an arrest for DUI, time is a critical factor, and it is important that a DUI lawyer assess your case and your legal options early in criminal the process. DUI charges in South Carolina carry serious penalties including fines, jail time and driver’s license suspensions. and additional requirements such as ADSAP and SR-22 insurance. These penalties become more severe for subsequent DUI charges, or when your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .10 or greater. Additionally, when you refuse a breath test or blow .15 or greater, then the officer will confiscate your license and give you a Notice of Suspension form. Mr. Molony will discuss Implied Consent,Temporary Alcohol License eligibility and the Administrative Hearing process during your consultation.

Penalties for DUI in Charleston

If you are convicted of DUI in South Carolina, you face jail time, even for a first offense. First offenders have a minimum sentence of 48 hours up to a maximum of 90 days in jail. The penalty for a second offense ranges from a minimum of five days to three years. Third and subsequent offenses carry jail terms ranging from 60 days to five years. As you can see, penalties for DUI in South Carolina are quite harsh – another reason it is highly recommended to consult with a DUI lawyer in Charleston as soon as possible.
In addition to jail time, those convicted of DUI face fines which increase in severity for multiple offenses. First-time offenders will pay a fine of $400 & $1000, while the maximum fine for third and subsequent offenses is $10,000. DUI convictions in South Carolina also come with the possibility of license suspension from 6 months to two years or a permanent forfeiture after the fourth offense. Your DUI lawyer in Charleston can help you to reduce these fines and jail times.

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