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If you have been arrested in Folly Beach, call Folly Beach criminal lawyer John W. Molony today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Arrests are frightening, but the criminal process will give you a chance to defend yourself. Call Folly Beach criminal lawyer John W. Molony now to protect your rights during the criminal process. Mr. Molony will review your charges and any issues with the arrest or search and seizure. Penalties for criminal convictions depend on the charges and circumstances of the case. Remember, an arrest does not mean you are guilty, and it does not mean you will be convicted.

Felony Or Misdemeanor?

If you are arrested, it is also important to understand the charge and the penalties. The differences between felonies and misdemeanors in South Carolina include the types of offenses and potential penalties. Misdemeanors are often handled in Municipal and Magistrate courts. On the other hand, felonies are prosecuted in General Sessions Courts. Misdemeanors generally carry fines or jail time of less than one year. However, felonies carry more serious penalties like fines and jail time of at least one year. Because felony convictions are so serious, call a Folly Beach criminal lawyer aright away after any felony arrest.

Plea Bargains

In South Carolina most criminal cases can be resolved before trial. Plea bargains are a necessary part of the criminal process. Plea bargains allow prosecutors and also defendants to avoid the risk of criminal trials. When defendants plea bargain, they agree to plead guilty to a charge. Generally, plea bargains are for lesser charges. So plea bargains give defendants the chance to avoid more serious criminal penalties that come with trial.

What Happens At Bond Hearings In Folly Beach?

Following any arrest, you are entitled to have reasonable bond. Bond is set at an amount that will ensure defendants do not flee before the case is resolved. Folly Beach criminal lawyer John W. Molony will represent your interests throughout the bond process. At the bond hearing, you must persuade the court that you are not a flight risk and not a danger to the community. Friends and family members may also attend and speak on your behalf. John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC is also available to assist with bond reconsideration issues.

Looking For A Criminal Lawyer In Other Charleston Areas?

John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC defends clients arrested in all Charleston areas. Have you been arrested in Sullivan's Island or Isle of Palms? Have you been charged with a crime in James Island or Johns Island? Do you have an arrest in Summerville or Mount Pleasant? Call criminal lawyer John W. Molony now and discuss your case free of charge.

Call A Folly Beach Criminal Lawyer

Call Folly Beach criminal lawyer John W. Molony now and request a consultation to discuss your case free of charge! Criminal defense attorney John W. Molony will fight for you, listen to you and always answer your phone calls. John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC is conveniently located in James Island and defends the rights of clients arrested in Folly Beach.


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