Charleston Public Drunk LawyerCharleston Public Drunk Lawyer

If you have been arrested for public drunk in Charleston call Charleston public drunk lawyer John W. Molony and schedule a free consultation to protect your rights and your record. In Charleston, public intoxication violations are misdemeanors, and penalties include up to $500 in fines and up to thirty days in jail. However, convictions for public intoxication can result in more serious consequences. After a public drunk conviction, that criminal record may impact your ability to work, rent an apartment or do anything else that requires a criminal background check.

What Is "Public Drunk" In Charleston?

  • South Carolina state laws makes it illegal to “be found on any highway or at any public place or public gathering in a grossly intoxicated condition”.
  • City of Charleston law makes it illegal to “be intoxicated in a public place, whether such intoxication results from alcohol, drugs or other intoxicants."

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Call public drunk lawyer John W. Molony now and discuss your charges and your legal options free of charge! When you retain criminal defense attorney John W. Molony, you can expect to have a lawyer who will fight for you, listen to you, answer your phone calls and devote the time that your case requires. John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC is conveniently located in James Island and defends Charleston clients charged with public intoxication.


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