Charleston Disorderly Conduct LawyerCharleston Disorderly Conduct Lawyer

If you have been arrested for disorderly conduct in Charleston call Charleston disorderly conduct lawyer John W. Molony and schedule a free consultation to protect your rights and your record. Disorderly conduct in Charleston is a misdemeanor, and penalties include up to five hundred dollars in fines and up to thirty days in jail. However, convictions for disorderly conduct can result in more serious consequences. After a disorderly conduct conviction, that criminal record may impact your ability to work, rent an apartment or do anything else that requires a criminal background check.

What Is "Disorderly Conduct" In Charleston?

  • Gross Intoxication In a Public Place
  • Use of Profanity In a Public Place or Within Hearing Distance of a Schoolhouse or Church
  • Discharging a Firearm Without Good Cause, Either While Intoxicated or Pretending to be Intoxicated

In terms of Public Disorderly Conduct charges, "public place" can mean any place that is open to the public. For instance, bars, restaurants or concert venues may be "public places" even when privately owned.

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