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Are you currently dealing with a divorce? Are you in the process of separating from your spouse? There is no question that the divorce process can feel overwhelming, it is an intense and emotional experience that can have a substantial impact on your children, your finances, and your assets. With so much potentially at stake, if you are considering filing for divorce or believe that your spouse may be considering filing for divorce, it is essential that you contact a Charleston divorce lawyer to assist you in navigating the process. Request a consultation with Charleston lawyer John W. Molony today to thoroughly review all of your your legal options.

Grounds For Divorce In South Carolina: In South Carolina there are five grounds on which to file for divorce, four of those are fault-based grounds: adultery, habitual drunkenness, physical cruelty and desertion (one year), and the fifth is a “no fault” divorce which requires a 365 day continuous separation prior to the date of filing.

Contested vs. Uncontested Divorces: Assuming you have grounds for divorce, the time and difficulty involved in then getting your divorce will depend almost entirely on whether or not your divorce process is contested or uncontested. In an uncontested divorce, the divorcing spouses are able to reach an agreement on all issues including child custody, child support, visitation, spousal support and property distribution. After filing an action for divorce, that signed agreement is then approved by the Family Court at a final hearing.If the divorcing spouses are unable to reach an agreement then the divorce action becomes contested and can either be resolved via an agreement, mediation or proceed to a trial. By hiring a Charleston family law attorney, you can ensure that your concerns are addressed and that the process still moves forward with speed and efficiency.

John W. Molony Law, LLC provides a complete range of divorce and separation related legal representation, including the following:

  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Contested Divorce
  • No-Fault Divorce
  • Fault Based Divorce
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Separation
  • Separate Maintenance & Support
  • Military Divorces
  • Common Law Marriages
  • Property Division
  • Debt Division
  • Same Sex Divorces
  • Legal Name Changes


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