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You have just been arrested; you are likely feeling frightened, overwhelmed, alone and have numerous questions, that is totally understandable. If you have been arrested and are simply wondering where to start, it is essential that you contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer immediately to ensure that your rights are protected during every phase of the criminal justice process. If you are facing criminal charges relating to a drug offense, an alcohol violation, such as DUI, an assault, theft, traffic offense or any other major felony, Charleston criminal lawyer John W. Molony is ready to review your case in a confidential consultation. Penalties for criminal charges that result in a conviction vary widely in South Carolina, and a South Carolina criminal defense lawyer can assess your case directly from the outset, including your exposure relating to the charges and any potential issues with the arrest, search or probable cause. Request a free consultation with Charleston lawyer John W. Molony today to thoroughly review all of your legal options. From your bond hearing and initial appearances, through the conclusion of a trial, John W. Molony Law, LLC is ready to fight for you, providing a complete range of criminal representation, including the following:


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