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If you have been arrested or are facing state or federal criminal charges in South Carolina, it is critical that you contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer immediately to ensure that your rights are protected during each phase of the criminal justice process. If you have been arrested, you are likely feeling overwhelmed and have numerous questions, that is totally understandable. Arrests and prosecutions are frightening, but the criminal justice system will give you the opportunity to present your side of the story and a Charleston criminal defense lawyer can can stand by you during this difficult time. If you are presently facing criminal charges and are simply wondering where to start, contact John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC  today for a confidential analysis of your legal options. Penalties for criminal charges that result in conviction vary widely in South Carolina, and Charleston criminal defense attorney John W. Molony can assess your case directly from the start, including your legal exposure and any potential issues with the arrest, search or probable cause.

Felony Or Misdemeanor?
If you have been arrested it is also important that you understand which charges and potential penalties you are facing. In South Carolina criminal law, distinctions between felonies and misdemeanors center around the type of offense involved and potential penalties if convicted. Misdemeanors are often handled in the Municipal and Magistrate court system and generally result in fines or jail time that does not exceed one year. Felonies are the more serious category of crimes in South Carolina and are prosecuted in General Sessions courts. Felonies generally carry much more severe penalties including substantial fines and jail time of at least one year. The serious consequences associated with felony convictions illustrate why it is so important to retain a Charleston criminal defense lawyer to fight on your behalf.

Plea Bargains
In South Carolina the majority of criminal cases can be resolved prior to the trial phase. Plea-bargaining is an essential function of the criminal process which allows both prosecutors and defendants to mitigate their risk by avoiding the gamble of criminal trials. With plea bargains, defendants agrees to plead guilty to one or more charges which are, generally, either lesser charges or for more favorable sentences. This enables defendants to avoid the risk of more severe criminal penalties that accompany trial. Contact a Charleston criminal defense lawyer in the early stages of the criminal process following your arrest or the filing of formal charges because it can be critical in negotiating a plea bargain.

Obtaining Bond In Charleston
Following any arrest, accused individuals are entitled to have reasonable bond set by the court to be released. Bond is set to an amount substantial enough to ensure that the accused does not flee prior to the case being resolved. Charleston criminal defense lawyer John W. Molony will assist you throughout the entire bond process, representing your interests in the bond hearing. Bond hearings will include a presentation of your favorable qualities in order to convince the court that you are neither a flight risk nor a danger to the community. This may include asking friends and family members to attend the bond hearing and speak on your behalf. John W. Molony Law Firm, LLC is also available to assist in the bond reconsideration process when appropriate.

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